Simple But NOT Easy:
Conversations You'd Like to Have With Your Kids
One of the most important elements to family success is under severe threat: meaningful conversations with our kids. This 70 minute lecture takes a look at:
• What isn't working with regard to communication at home.
• How parents can help.
• Spring boards for relevant conversations.

Price: $10.00
Setting A Pace We Can Keep
Finding a family in the U.S. which isn’t overloaded, busy, frenetic and exhausted would be almost impossible. The important questions are:
• What are we busy about?
• What’s worth all this busy-ness?
• Who ends up paying for our frenzied pace?

This 70 minute lecture explores what it takes to find and savor rest-filled moments in your home, learning to set a pace we can keep.

Price: $10.00
Finding Identity and True Vocation
What Do Chores, Hobbies, Oral Sex, SAT Scores and Volunteer Work Have In Common?

In a society that so often places emphasis on the wrong things, parents may want to consider which adolescent activities really do help teens discover their identity and fulfilling vocation. With our family life so busy, this 70 minute presentation will help us consider if we’re busy about the right things.

Price: $10.00