What is Coaching All About?
Professional coaching provides an ongoing partnership which supports clients in producing fulfilling results in their personal, family, and professional lives. Based on the assumption that people are capable of generating their own solutions, a coach listens and customizes a discovery-based approach to help an individual or group improve performance and enhance quality of life.
Coaching May Be A Great Choice If...
• There is a lack of clarity and important choices to be made;
• There is a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources;
• There are de-railing behaviors that hamper moving forward;
• Work, family and life are out of balance; or
• A neutral sounding board would be helpful.
Why Coaching for Parents of Teens?
Adolescence is a non-stop period of growth and transition which requires nimble, adapting parenting, all the while keeping values and long-term goals in mind.

A core activity in coaching is clarifying values and aligning them with action to create your desired outcomes. Coaching improves communication, decreases conflict, assists parents in building the values scaffolding upon which their teen can build a flourishing life. Stresses and crises do arise; through coaching and having set the values scaffolding, a parent’s response can be more stable, consistent and helpful.
Coaching Options
Individual sessions begin as the client considers current challenges and opportunities. A desired outcome is specified and client and coach work together to set priorities for action. The client begins steps toward the desired outcome through self-assigned “homework.” Confidential sessions may be conducted in person or by phone; the length of the coaching partnership varies but begins with a commitment to a minimum of four sessions.
Keep your successes small
and in a row.
People who share similar goals benefit from group interaction and a reduced fee. Seven or fewer gather in person or by phone to work together on participant-selected topics. Each group member is encouraged to formulate outcomes specific to her or his family. Participants have the opportunity to talk or ask questions as they learn from the coach and other participants. As with all coaching interactions, group coaching is based on confidentiality.
Nobody is as smart as everybody.