Simple But NOT Easy
This book is a collection of some of Kathleen's most requested lectures, including:
• Setting a Pace We Can Keep, on the hectic pace of family life.
• How We Can Speak About What They Need To Hear, on the values conversations we want to have with our teens.
• Looking Good or Being Good, on values and expectations about romance and relationships.

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Bringing Our Boys Through The Second Decade
This book is based on Kathleen's most popular class series, and includes topics such as:
• How boys' physiological hardwiring shapes their lives.
• Why "dads are not assistant mothers" when it comes to parenting teen age sons.
• What creates the curious amalgam of boy friendships.
• How the Giggle-and-Braid-Hair Society meets The Burp-the-Alphabet Club...
and other fresh perspectives in boys' and girls' relationships together.

$15.00 (Plus Shipping, Handling & Tax)
Bringing Our Boys Through the Second Decade
- 6 CD Set
These CDs contain the audio recordings of Kathleen teaching six classes on teen boys. The material included is virtually identical to that contained in her book; but the format may be good for those who prefer to listen instead of read.

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Bringing Our Boys Through the Second Decade
- 6 CD Set & Book Combo Pack
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